The EU Innovation study, assigned by DG Education and Culture involves the following activities:

  1. Review and Assessment of existing models: our team will contribute to the conceptual development of a new approach concerning the measurement of Higher Education contribution to innovation capacity.
  2. Prototype development: here we will aim to validate the data collection exercise and provide necessary feedback.
  3. Case Studies: these will aim to depict policies working as multipliers in the contribution of HEIs on innovation capabilities in different areas and countries of the EU.
  4. Survey: SYSTASI will participate in the design and elaboration of a European wide survey to collect the opinions of companies and universities on a specific set of indicators through a targeted questionnaire.
  5. Feasibility study: the prototype to be developed will be evaluated for its feasibility.
  6. Final Report: SYSTASI will contribute to the drafting and finalisation of the Final Report of the project.