Activities to be performed in the Cedefop study:

  1. Participation in the literature review that aims to provide a clear overview of available information on labour market information strategies and their contribution to career development support. The literature review will also identify key success factors and challenges related to the different types of strategies for LMI integration. The results of the literature review will provide insight on the policies and trends in the field of career training and guidance in general, and the integration of labour market information therein, as well as the factors contributing to successful or unsuccessful approaches for the use and integration of labour market information.
  2. Participation in the design and elaboration of Case Studies.
  3. Field Visits: these field visits in various EU countries will aim to collect primary data and information on documents relevant to the objectives of the study and the case studies.
  4. Development of User Toolkit: our team will participate in the elaboration of a specialized LMI toolkit that will address users of careers education and guidance.
  5. Final Report: SYSTASI will contribute to the drafting and finalisation of the Final Report of the project.