The study aims at assessing, on the basis of results achieved and impacts observed, the effectiveness of EUREKA in improving European industrial technology’s competitiveness and excellence. In further detail, the study aims to explore:

i)     the impacts of EUREKA on its participating organisations;

ii)    to exclaim the contribution and impact of EUREKA on the formulation and/or shaping of past as well as future technological trends in Europe and beyond;

iii)   to identify all projects with significant Scientific and Technological as well as Industrial and/or Market achievements, perhaps not known to the general public.

 For the elaboration of the study, a multilevel methodological approach was employed that involved desk research of past reports as well as forward looking reports; statistical analyses of all EUREKA project and project application databases for the identification of EUREKA’s innovation impact on technological level; the performance of  a small Delphi type exercise and the conduct of several interviews with EUREKA representatives, stakeholders and project participants so as to identify EUREKA’s global technological success stories.

 Systasi had a key role in the project, as it was responsible for:

  • The statistical analysis of the information recorded in EUREKA’s databases on technological level for the identification of EUREKA’s Innovation Impact per technological domain (Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Energy/Environment and ICT)
  • The collection and review of information on the major technological, economical and societal trends, drivers and megatrends anticipated on European and global level in the next 20-30 years. This task involved desk research accompanied by a small Delphi type exercise with EUREKA evaluators, National Project Coordinators and High Level Representatives.

Additionally, Systasi was responsible for the elaboration of the final report with the assistance of all other partners, namely ViLabs (coordinator), InterInnov (responsible for the Success Stories) and the following experts: Prof. Vonortas (impact assessment) and Prof. Emmanouilides (data mining).